November 1, 2007:  Fathom SEO Announces Partnership with PromiseONE

Fathom SEO’s management-led recapitalization agreement with PromiseONE helps the search engine marketing leader to build on its success in search engine optimization, online PR, link referral building, paid search management, opt-in email marketing and online video production and distribution.

Fathom SEO, LLC (, a search engine marketing (SEM) firm in Valley View, OH, is pleased to announce that it partnered with PromiseONE, LLC, a Beachwood, OH private equity partnership (, to successfully complete a management led recapitalization to buy out a group of early stage investors.  Bill Fox, President and CEO, in his comments about the transaction said, “Fathom SEO’s success over the past several years is a result of the strong management team we have built and our success creating a complete line of SEM capabilities while maintaining simplicity in our product offering.  With such an effective team in place and the most comprehensive offering in the industry, we are better positioned than ever to solidify our role as an industry leader and innovator.  We chose to partner with PromiseONE due to their proven track record of helping entrepreneurial companies build on past successes.”   

Scot Lowry, Principal with PromiseONE, said, “We were impressed with how effectively Fathom SEO managed their growth.  It is uncommon for a firm in such a rapidly changing industry to be as well developed and capable as they are.  Their efforts have attracted a loyal and diverse customer base which includes both large nationally-branded firms and many middle market businesses.  We are excited to be a part of this company’s future.”  Scot Lowry has joined Fathom SEO’s management team as their Executive Vice President and CFO.   

About Fathom SEO:  Fathom SEO, LLC was named a top 20 Search Engine Marketing Firm by Advertising Age in both 2006 (#16) and 2007 (#14).  Fathom SEO has been providing Search Engine Marketing Services for nearly 10 years and offers complete solutions for Organic Search Engine Optimization, On-Line PR, Pay Per Click Management, Opt-In E-mail Marketing and most recently comprehensive On-Line Video Production and Distribution Services.  Fathom SEO’s solutions help clients maximize their on-line marketing efforts and turn their web sites into lead generation and sales machines.


June 1, 2006:  PromiseONE Announces Acquisition of Arctic Freeze Arena:

The Pond, formerly the Arctic Freeze Arena, is Cleveland's premiere family friendly ice skating facility. The 50,000 sf facility, built in 1998, sits on 10 acres in a growing community just east of Chagrin Falls, OH. The facility houses an NHL sized rink and the common space to support expansion into a second rink or multipurpose indoor field.

PromiseONE purchased the assets out of receivership in 2006 after appraising the downside risk as manageable. PromiseONE envisioned a stable operating company that could build value over time. Specific areas for management and operational improvements were identified as well as upside potential once management improved the customer experience.  A new management team was placed and focus was put on creating a family friendly facility that caters to the five high income school districts serviced by the Pond.  Additionally, several key customers were secured pre-close including several high school hockey teams, a large youth hockey program and the University School, who made a long term commitment to use the Pond as home ice for their state champion hockey team.